Mediated deliberation of participatory budgeting

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This WP provides an innovative analysis of Participatory Budgeting (PB) media coverage and deliberation. Three main tasks are involved in this WP: (i) designing a toolkit for identifying relevant content on participatory budgeting; (ii) conducting an extensive cross-national and regional data gathering exercise that draws on online media and social media data and (iii) a content analysis of the DEMOTEC corpus of documents to feed the case studies of the partners and for comparative analysis.


  • to analyse the determinants of effective citizen engagement in PB for regional and urban development policies (EU and domestic);
  • to investigate the discourse on participatory budgeting of regional and urban development policies in the public sphere, via its representation in online news and social media;
  • to facilitate the sharing of knowledge and exchange of experience on democratic innovations among practitioners between countries and authorities at different levels