Participatory budgeting experiments and events

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This WP will create a common methodological framework for PB that is flexible enough to allow local adaption in order to implement PB experiments and events in the following cities: Cluj-Napoca, Fife, Sligo, Limassol, Rotterdam, Thessaloniki, and Walbrzych. The pilot experiments involve configuring a PB platform to cater for a number of experimental conditions to manipulate the scope for deliberation as well as simulating different real-world implementations of PB around Europe.


  • to apply different deliberative methods in practice, including piloting PB experiments and conducting PB events using digital technologies that involve different citizen groups, in regional and urban development policies in seven urban authorities across Europe;
  • to identify lessons for effective and efficient methods for citizen engagement – specifically, increasing public awareness, understanding and involvement by citizens in regional and urban development policies;
  • to facilitate the sharing of knowledge and exchange of experience on democratic innovations among practitioners between countries and authorities at different levels