Understanding citizen engagement and deliberation

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This WP investigates public attitudes to citizen engagement in democratic innovations and their determinants. To do so, an original and representative survey of citizens’ will be undertaken in the case study countries and a further three European countries with significant experience in PB (DE, ES, FR) mirroring the media analysis WP. This will be complemented with a qualitative discourse analysis of the participatory budgeting deliberations to provide a more in-depth perspective of citizens’ views on democratic innovations and their potential to produce more informed citizen engagement in policy processes.


  • to analyse the determinants of effective citizen engagement in PB for regional and urban development policies (EU and domestic);
  • to investigate the discourse on participatory budgeting of regional and urban development policies in the public sphere, via its representation in online news and social media;
  • to identify lessons for effective and efficient methods for citizen engagement – specifically, increasing public awareness, understanding and involvement by citizens in regional and urban development policies