An agenda for democratic renewal through territorial cohesion

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This package will bring together the results of WPs 2-4 and will address the central question of whether and to what extent participatory budgeting has the potential for delivering greater and more enlightened citizen engagement including among disadvantaged groups and with respect to the European Union. The case study reports will synthesis research from the other work packages, which will in turn be used to draw out key conclusions and lessons to promote learning about how to improve citizen engagement at local, regional, national and EU levels. A central objective of this task will be to develop a policy agenda for participatory budgeting in the EU through a Handbook of EU Participatory Budgeting.


  • to investigate citizen engagement through democratic innovations and the implications for participatory democracy and renewal
  • to generate new insights into the geographical variations and determinants of citizen engagement across European cities
  • to assess the effectiveness of democratic innovations and to formulate recommendations to improve their effectiveness