Communication and Dissemination

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This WP sets out a communication and dissemination strategy and activities. During the project implementation appropriate tools will be developed to maximise the project’s visibility and to diffuse information on its goals, achievements, impacts and results to the relevant stakeholders including public sector bodies at levels, research and education institutions, and civil society organisations and non-governmental organisations and the wider public. Under the lead of a leading European media organisation (EURACTIV), all project partners will be involved in different stages by providing their specific contributions particularly for communications within their own countries but also contributing more widely to the core messages and outcomes and involving a wide range of stakeholders and citizens.


  • to promote awareness around the participatory budgeting process among EU citizens;
  • to produce effective and cogent editorial coverage of the participatory budgeting process;
  • to disseminate information in multiple European languages;
  • to organise important stakeholders to discuss the theme and results of the project